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Teddyy Changing Mats

Teddyy Changing Mats: A Must-Have Baby Essential


Changing Mats are an everyday essential that can be used for a number of baby activities. Be it changing their diapers, or giving them an oil massage or even taking them for a stroll in their prams. You can use Teddyy Changing Mats to ensure that it remains a comfortable and hygienic experience fror the baby.

When my daughter, Ashirya was born, I used to put the Teddyy changing mat on the bed or crib and used it when I had to change her poopy diapers. And she used to play for hours, relaxing on the mat watching her cot mobile toys. It was a safe, hygienic surface that provided her with comfort and also protected her from the wetness of any“ diaper accidents”. These mats proved to be of great use, especially when we had to travel. Being disposable, I didn’t have to worry about carrying a soiled mat home. This greatly reduced the laundry burden on me and made traveling fun.

So, now I have decided to share this unique product with other moms like me so that they too, can reap its benefits. cided to share this unique product with other moms like me so that they too, can reap its benefits.

Let us know more about Teddyy Changing Mats
💚The  mats are made with soft and spongy material which is great for a baby’s delicate skin, unlike other plastic sheets.
💚Their top sheet is super absorbent. It has gel technology that converts the liquid into gel and holds it in.
💚It has a criss-cross design on the top sheet which also wards off leakages and spills.
💚Its back sheet is waterproof, thus preventing the surface/ bed from getting wet.
💚Its top soft sheet is anti-bacterial which protects your child from infections and diseases. So fear of baby getting infections is ruled out.

Nowadays I am toilet-training my daughter, but at night, I still use the mat to make sure if by chance she wets the bed in her sleep, the mattress doesn’t get wet. The mats also make for a great travel partner and in my case, it always has a reserved space in my luggage. Since when one is traveling with kids, their hygiene needs become very important.

Teddyy changing mats are designed keeping in mind the baby’s delicate skin and the problems faced by new moms.

I would suggest every new mom or moms who have young children in diapers to give Teddyy Changing mats a try.

I am sure they won’t regret this decision…👍

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