A lovely woman in me💝

Yes, I feel I’m a free spirited lovely woman..I have the right to feel so about myself. Why shouldn’t I be..!! 

I may have got wrinkles on my face so be it…But the power to stand against all odds is still not wrinkled..!!

I may have got ugly fat on my body but the soul in me is still as beautiful as it was..!! 

My hair and nails might have got brittle but my strength is as hard as a rock..!!

 I’m a mom, sitting at home all the time taking care of a kid but that doesn’t mean I’m not independent anymore..I’m an independent woman with dreams to fly high..!!

I may get surrounded by confusions and frustrations at times but that doesn’t stops me to take important family decisions..!!

I may chose to wear simplest of clothes and be at home to take care of my child but that doesn’t stops me to be outgoing.

Because I’m totally empowered..as I choose what to eat, what to wear and take major life decisions…!!            

Thus I want to give a shout out to all the woman out there who stand strong through every thick and thin in life and leave an impression wherever they go.




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